A discussion of different points of view on drug enforcement

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The Science of Drug Use: Discussion Points

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International Association of Chiefs of Police

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Drug trafficking

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Dealing with Drug Abuse

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May 10,  · Field Training Officers are representative of the many types of police officers who have different policing styles. Areas of focus could include paperwork and report writing, motor vehicle law enforcement, community relationships, or drug enforcement. Republican views on drugs strongly resemble the war on drugs as presented by President Bush.


Republicans believe that every adult has the responsibility to teach their children about the hazards of drugs, and that drug treatment must be available in schools for those that are able to. Mar 07,  · Garry McCarthy, a year veteran of law enforcement, did not expect to hear anything too startling when he appeared at a conference on drug policy organized last.

The problem with drug cartels in Mexico are complex, right now is not a problem of narcos flying airplanes to sell drugs in California.

The problem in Mexico is drug cartels became lords of. It points to the real-life and well-publicized shootings of Michael Brown, Walter Scott, and other unarmed African-American men by white police officers as a way of proving the existence of racial bias in law enforcement.

Although it is still legal in the United States, the US Drug Enforcement Administration has placed kratom on its “Drugs and Chemicals of Concern” list. Physicians should be aware of the availability, user habits, and health effects of kratom.

A discussion of different points of view on drug enforcement
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