Akc papers

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Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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The AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health and training information for dogs. Dynadaux Miniatures, established inis a small hobby kennel that endeavors to breed healthy top quality Dachshunds that conform to the standard in conformation, temperament as well as performance.

We abide by the Code of Ethics for the Dachshund Club of America and the National Miniature Dachshund Club. All litters are bred with the intent of producing a better Dachshund, not just to. UPDATED: SATURDAY – SEPTEMBER 8, “FALINE” IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Thank you for your patience Faline is a sweet,gentle and “soft” 46 pound, red, AKC Standard Poodle who was born February 12, ABOUT AKC REGISTRATION PAPERS AND PEDIGREES. Written by Leslie LeFave, Shih-Tzu Kisses. How much do AKC papers really mean? If a dog is AKC registered it must mean it is one of the best representatives of the breed.

Difference Between CKC and AKC

Cavachons, Cavachon, Puppies, AZ World Class AKC, CH,German Shepherd,Puppies. Kennel of Dreams Where quality dogs are bred with loving care.


I breed only AKC miniature Dachshunds. All puppies are sold without papers. Colors bred are Red, Black & Tan, Chocolate and Tan, English Cream, Isabella and tan, and Blue and tan.

I breed the dapple and piebald patterns.

Akc papers
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