Differential staining

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Architectural Aluminum Products

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Gram Staining : Principle, Procedure, Interpretation and Animation

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Differential staining

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differential stain

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Granulomatous lung diseases are a heterogeneous group of disorders that have a wide spectrum of pathologies with variable clinical manifestations and outcomes.

Precise clinical evaluation, laboratory testing, pulmonary function testing, radiological imaging including high-resolution computed.

Differential Staining is a staining process which uses more than one chemical stain.

Tissue Biomarker Reagents

Using multiple stains can better differentiate between different microorganisms or structures/cellular components of a single organism. Wright and Giemsa stains are Romanowsky stains used to stain peripheral blood and bone marrow smears.

The most important components of these stains are oxidized methylene blue, azure B. Opal ™ is a practical workflow for the simultaneous detection of up to six tissue biomarkers plus nuclear counterstain within a single image.

The method is similar to standard immunohistochemistry (IHC) and is accessible to many laboratories where standard IHC method development is performed.

Differential interference contrast microscopy

Fixation is the foundation step behind the study of pathology and essentially exists to prevent the autolysis and degradation of the tissue and tissue components such that they can be observed both anatomically and microscopically following sectioning.

Differential staining
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Bacterial Cell Wall Structure: Gram-positive & negative