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The Disciplines Of The Christian Life

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The Disciplines of the Christian Life [Eric Liddell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents a series of devotional readings designed to introduces the teachings of the Bible and develop a Christian outlook on life/5(55). Eric Liddell was a Scottish athlete, rugby player and missionary.

This biography provides get detailed information on his childhood, achievements and Of Birth: Tianjin. God took Eric Liddell home when his task was finished.

I can only rejoice in his life and in Walt’s life because those lives show God’s presence in our midst. Reply. Meet British runner Eric Liddell at Liddell won a gold medal at the Olympics and is the subject of the film Chariots of Jan 16, The Disciplines Of The Christian Life has ratings and 29 reviews.

Eric Liddell Biography

Alexis said: A book(let) on developing the devotional life, by well-known runner an 4/5. Complete Surrender: A biography of Eric Liddell By Julian Wilson This new biography of Eric Liddell includes information gleaned from his letters and interviews with family and friends, with a special emphasis on Liddell's complete surrender to the Spirit throughout his life.

Eric Liddell Eric liddell a life
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Eric Liddell - Olympic Athlete and Christian Missionary