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Though little in Montresors narrative points directly to a motive for the murder of Fortunato, instead simply describing his motive as a thousand injuries (Poe ) the action of the story itself draws the connection between Montresors delusions of grandeur and his despicable actions.

“The Cask of Amontillado”: Short Story Analysis Paper (Pre-IB 9) Assignment: Write a five paragraph short story analysis paper. Follow the instructions carefully. You will. It's important to use consistent point of view throughout an essay to give your essay focus and clarity.

It also helps to show the purpose of your essay. Writing Essays with a Consistent Point. First Person (Central Narrator) Montresor is our vile narrator. He is dedicated to his own point of view, which is cold, merciless, brutal, conniving, and vengeful.

Montresors point of view essay
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College Essay Example: Symbolism in the short story "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe